TLC Integration Systems Is the Leader In
Solar PV Maintenance

With lighting costs accounting for 40% of most energy bills, businesses can't afford to rely on inefficient lighting.
Turnkey Lighting Control Integration Systems, of Sparks, NV creates energy-saving lighting environments to improve lighting conditions and save clients money. We are led by longtime Nevada energy expert Carl Keller.
Our user-friendly systems provide remote, centralized control so facility managers can manage the lighting environment simply. TLC Integration Systems also works with clients to get energy-savings credits from utility companies.
The company's intelligent lighting-control-systems use proven, advanced technology to automatically provide the right amount of light when and where it's needed. Daylight harvesting, quality solutions, and Integrated Control Systems are just a few of our other electrical system solutions.
TLC Integration Systems has also works with corporate clients. Studies show that daylight harvesting boosts productivity in the offices and encourages shoppers to spend more time in retail stores.